Fiberglass Pipe for the Water Well Industry **** NOW NSF Approved

Universal Fiberglass manufactures a complete line of fiberglass (frp) pipe products designed specifically for the water well industry. Fiberglass pipe by design is corrosion resistant, providing a cost effective alternative to either stainless steel or “coated” carbon steel pipe. 

Now with the certification of NSF you can be confident that the pipe from Universal Fiberglass is safe for all drinking water applications.

In addition, fiberglass pipe is non-conductive and with a lower coeffiecient of friction than steel or PVC pipe.  With connections that can be either flanged or threaded,  filament wound pipe is a perfect fit for those corrosive water or low PH applications.  Since each piece is custom manufactured, any special flanges (ANSI type, special OD and/or thickness) or threads (right hand or left hand) are easily incorporated.


Corrosion / Chemcial Resistant Pipes

Submersible Pump Column

Water Lubricated Column

Oil Lubricated Column

Submersible Fiberglass Pipes Fiberglass Water Well Pipes Fiberglass Oil Lubricated Column