Submersible Pump Column


Designed for submersible pump applications when PVC pipe is not strong enough, or when stainless steel is too costly.  Field tested to depths of 400' each 20' section has been tested in the lab for over 33,000 lbs maximum tensile load.  Being non conductive, it is ideally suited for submersible applications. 

A variety of connection types and sizes are available.  Flange connections for easy installation, threaded and coupled for those slim hole applications.  We have even developed a left hand threaded connection (patent pending) to eliminate the possibility of pipe separation under high torque applications.  This same thread design makes installation / removal easier than with standard RH taper thread.   

Flanged both ends Notched Flanges for cable Threaded & Coupled

Custom lengths, wall thickness and configurations available on 4" through 12" diameter.