Water Lubricated Column


When low carbon steel pipe does not last long enough due to corrosion, fiberglass water lube pipe is the answer.  Manufactured in standard 5' and 10' lengths, this pipe is a direct replacement for carbon steel, yet a fraction of the cost of stainless.  With either flanged or threaded connections, this pipe is ideally suited for low PH water that is present in many of today's water wells throughout the country.

By combining the pipe with a nylon retainer (shown below) the complete assembly all but eliminates any parts subject to corrosion except the shaft.  When stainless couplings are used, the chance of galling during installation is reduced by having dissimilar metals between the coupling and adapter.

Flanged with Nylon spider Threaded and coupled Threaded directly into pump

Custom lengths, wall thickness and configurations available in 4" through 12" diameters.